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RRH Fequently Asked Quesions (FAQ's)

Updated April 2021 

Why is there a NC next to my name on the results page?

The NC stands for No Card.  This shows up on the results sheet if you take an X on a hole or leave the hole score blank.  Your score will be entered for handicap purposes using ESC.

What does ESC mean?

ESC stands for Equitable Stroke Control.  This system is implemented by the USGA to limit handicap manipulation. This system sets a maximum score you can enter on a hole for handicap purposes. The maximum score allowed for all handicap ranges is a Net Double Bogey.

My name and score wasn't included in the results?

There are a couple of reasons for this.  First is that you, or the person in your group in charge of the card, did not turn it in.  Second is that the names and local numbers were not filled in on the card. (Don't scoff, this happens 2 to 3 times every year.)  You are responsible to make sure your scorecard in turned in correctly. If the card is not correct or not turned in promptly after the round, no score or shootout points will be entered for you in that event.

I'm not sure what score to write down on the scorecard? Gross or Net?

No matter the event, no matter the format, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS write down the GROSS score.  To clarify; the gross score is the actual number of strokes you took on a given hole.

What is the policy on postponing / cancelling events due to weather?

If the course is open, we plan on playing the event.  If there is severe weather, we may need to suspend or cancel the event.  Light to moderate rain is not considered reason enough to suspend or cancel the event. If at all possible we will try to complete the event on the day it is scheduled.  Cancelling rounds already started will be done in accordance with the rules of golf. 


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