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RRH Men's Club 2024 Match Play

Gross and Net Brackets are posted below

1) There are four season long match play tournaments available: Net Singles & Doubles, and Gross Singles & Doubles (no handicap). 

2) The entry fee for each tournament is $15 (per player for Doubles). 

3) The deadlines for signing up will be emailed. 

4) First round singles matches will be arranged by handicap and first round doubles matches will be arranged by total team handicap.

5) First round matches and byes will be determined randomly by the Match Play Chair.

6) You receive $15 for winning a first round match (byes and forfeits don't count).

7) We will be awarding additional funds (may vary, but usually $1,000) to both tournaments (1/3 to singles, 2/3 to doubles) in addition to the entry fees.  The actual amounts will be determined after the fields are finalized.  There is no seed money added to the Gross Match Play.

8) Completion dates will be posted after the fields are finalized.

9) If any match is not completed by the assigned dates, the match winner will be determined by the Match Play Chair.

Match Play Stroke Allocation Rules:

RRHMC holds 4 different season long Match Play events: Gross Singles, Gross Doubles, Net Singles, and Net Doubles.  For the Net competitions, each competitor must tell the other competitors his handicap for the day the Match is played. This can be done via the GHIN App or the computer in the club room.  RRHMC is now using handicap allowances: the allowances for Match Play are 100% for Singles, and 90% for Doubles.  Example of how to determine strokes for a Doubles Match:

Player A: 7 Course HCP X 90% HCP Allowance = 6.3 = 6 Playing HCP

Player B: 10 Course HCP X 90% HCP Allowance = 9 Playing HCP

Player C: 15 Course HCP X 90% HCP Allowance = 13.5 = 14 Playing HCP

Player D: 20 Course HCP X 90% HCP Allowance = 18 Playing HCP

In the RRHMC, the low player will always play at zero strokes and the other players will play off the low HCP Allowance.  In the above example Player A will play at zero strokes, Player B will receive 3 strokes, Player C will receive 8 strokes, and Player D will receive 12 stokes. 

Settling Ties in Match Play

Per Rule 3.2 a, 4 - If your match is tied after the final hole and you need to establish a winner (in RRHMC events, you do), the match is extended one hole at a time until there is a winner. Whenever possible, the holes played settling the tie should be played in the same order as the match. Handicaps strokes are given by hole the same way as is the round.

*For the net singles and doubles match play brackets, the winners of brackets 1 and 2 play each other in the quarterfinals.  Likewise, 3 plays 4, 5 plays 6, and 7 plays 8.*

Net Singles Bracket: 2024 Second Round

Net Doubles Bracket: 2024 Second Round

Gross Singles Bracket: 2024 Opening Round

Gross Doubles Bracket: 2024 Opening Round

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