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RRHMC Scholarship Fund

Who’s eligible? Any Rum River Hills Men's Club member in good standing can sponsor himself, his spouse, or his child.

How much is the scholarship worth? Accepted applicants are eligible for a lifetime award of up to $1000.  If funds are available, the award will be paid in yearly installments of $500.  The sponsor needs to apply only one time.

Restrictions: There is a $1000 per year limit for any given family.  Currently, there is no lifetime family maximum.

Timeline: Applications are due by the regularly scheduled January Board Meeting. Awards are announced at the Spring Meeting in the following year, and the applicant then completes the coursework in the following school year.  The applicant must submit receipts showing payment for tuition and course fees along with a transcript showing that a 2.0+ GPA, or its equivalent, has been earned.  The applicant must submit all documentation by July 1st of the year in which you are to be paid, or the scholarship is forfeited for that year.  Scholarship checks are made out to the applicant and can be picked up by the sponsor. 

Where does the scholarship money come from? Scholarship money comes from RRH Pro-Ams, RRHMC events, and individual contributions.  This is a great fund for your charitable contributions, as 100% of all contributions are paid directly to recipients who have demonstrated successful scholarly activity.


Click Here to view and print a scholarship form.

RRHMC Scholarship Recipients  

2013 Recipients
Madeline Hoover
Daniel Mohr

2014 Recipients
Davis Tollette
Derek Tollette
Isak Kallenbach
Tia Kvidera
Questions?  Contact Jeff Cole:  763-422-9857 or at


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